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How a Podiatrist Can Help With Your Stress Fracture

If you think you’re suffering from a stress fracture in Centennial, CO, a visit to Dr. Joseph Mechanik at the Colorado Foot Institute can help properly diagnose and treat the condition.

What Are Stress Fractures?

If you fall or get into an auto accident, you might break or fracture a bone in your foot. These fractures are typically felt and recognized nearly immediately. While they’re common, this is not the only type of foot fracture. 

Stress fractures are another type. The difference is that stress fractures are hairline fractures that tend to show up and worsen over time. As it’s not a sudden break with immediate, intense pain, it’s not usually recognized as quickly. And as the pain often comes and goes, depending on the activity, many people suffering from a stress fracture do not realize there is an issue at all. 

While anyone that completes repetitive movements is at risk of stress fractures, some people are at higher risk than others. These are typically people involved in activities with sudden changes in movement that involve a great deal of starting and stopping. For example, runners, joggers, basketball players, soccer players, dancers, and other athletes tend to be more susceptible.

How Can a Podiatrist Help a Stress Fracture in Centennial, CO?

Visiting a podiatrist is one of the most effective ways of addressing stress fractures. Dr. Mechanik at Colorado Foot Institute will begin with a thorough discussion and evaluation of your foot. If necessary, images will be taken to obtain a full diagnosis. 

If a fracture is located, Dr. Mechanik will recommend a course of treatment according to your needs. This will often include rest, crutches, and wearing footwear to support your bones. It may also include specific lifestyle recommendations and exercises to help strengthen the foot. 

If non-invasive treatment options do not seem to work, surgery might be recommended. However, this is a last-case scenario to be considered only after more conservative measures have failed. 

Don’t let a stress fracture slow you down in Centennial, CO. Get back on your feet faster with the help of Dr. Mechanik at the Colorado Foot Institute by scheduling an appointment at (303) 333-3383.

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