Pediatric Podiatrist

Foot care isn’t just for adults, even kids and teens can benefit from turning to a foot and ankle specialist for care. In fact, we encourage our parents to be able to spot the warning signs of a foot problem, as these could be signs of a developmental issue. Fortunately, when these issues arise, our Centennial, CO, podiatrist Dr. Joseph Mechanik can quickly diagnose and treat these issues to protect against further complications.

As your child continues to get older, we may recognize certain foot disorders developing. Some of the most common problems include:

Flat Feet

Yes, babies are born with flat feet. The arches of their feet typically won’t develop until they turn two or three years old; however, if the arches of the feet don’t develop you may notice that your child’s ankles turn inwards. While this won’t always cause issues, sometimes this can cause pain. In this case, our pediatric podiatrist Dr. Mechanik can provide you with options to improve your child’s foot function.

Sports Injuries

Do you have a little pro athlete in your midst? If so, it’s important that they are conditioning and training throughout the year and wearing the appropriate footwear and protective padding to protect against injury. Feet and ankles are prone to sports-related injuries, particularly in sports such as basketball and soccer that require sudden changes in direction and movement. If your child sustains an injury, you must turn to our podiatrists right away for care.

Heel Pain

Heel pain isn’t just a common problem among adults. This problem also impacts children fairly frequently, too. Children may develop heel pain as a result of plantar fasciitis, which causes inflammation of the plantar fascia, or it could be due to growth spurts of the Achilles tendon (which can cause pain in the back of the heel) or Sever’s disease. If the heel pain persists or causes your child to limp, you must see our pediatric podiatrist today.

What a Pediatric Podiatrist Can Do

There is a wide range of conditions and problems that can impact your child’s growing feet. This is why you must have a podiatrist that specializes in providing care to children of all ages. From providing custom orthotics for your child to prescribing special exercises, there are many ways that we can help your child manage disorders and injuries to improve the health and function of their feet.

Sometimes little feet require care. When this happens, our podiatrist Dr. Mechanik is here to help.
To schedule an appointment with our pediatric podiatrist, call Colorado Foot Institute in Centennial, CO at (303) 333-3383.

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