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Adult HyProCure and Pediatrics

The Problem                   Watch This Video!

It all starts with the Sinus Tarsi...


The sinus tarsi is a naturally-occurring space between the ankle and heel bones. When your feet are aligned, the sinus tarsi stays in a constant open position. When your feet are misaligned, it collapses when weight is applied to the foot, i.e. walking, running, jumping, etc.


When the sinus tarsi collapse, it causes the ankle bone to displace from its normal position on the heel bone. This prompts an abnormal inward rotation of the ankle bone, which causes talotarsal displacement. This results in an imbalance of weight distribution within the foot and throughout the rest of the body while standing, and with every step taken.

This under-treated, yet common condition is seen in people of all ages throughout the world. Our feet are the foundation of the body. If one, or both, are misaligned, it can adversely affect the knees, hips, and back and cause a long list of other symptoms and side effects.

Symptoms and Side Effects

Common symptoms in children and adults include:                  

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    Growing pains/Shin Splints
  • Over-pronation/Hyperpronation
  • Bunion/Hammertoes
  • Heel Pain/Spurs – “Plantar Fasciitis”
  • Tendon and Ligament Strain
  • Knee, Hip and Back Pain

This condition will not resolve on its own.

Patients do not grow out of it and it cannot be properly treated with exercise or physical therapy. It is an anatomical, internal problem and only an internal solution can restore proper alignment.

The secondary effects of talotarsal displacement include abnormal strain and pressure on joints, ligaments, and bones throughout the body. When the secondary conditions are treated without properly addressing the underlying problem – talotarsal displacement – the treatment results will be temporary. The symptoms will most likely recur or shift to another part of the body.

Don’t just mask the symptoms. Fix the underlying Cause.  If you have developed bony deformity in your feet, before you undergo bunion surgery, watch this video to gain another perspective.

The solution

HyProCure® is a titanium stent that is placed into the sinus Tarsi to prevent it from collapsing, which stabilizes the ankle bone.

The HyProCure® procedure is minimally invasive and is typically preformed under twilight/local sedation. It instantly realigns and stabilizes the hind foot, while allowing normal joint range of motion. The overall balance and alignment of the foot and ankle will be improved, and the arch of the foot may appear more normal.

Most patients are walking normally within a few weeks.  The bones, tendons and ligaments throughout the foot and body will continue to adapt to the corrected position over the following several months.

HyProCure® is an evidence based procedure that corrects talotarsal displacement at its root. The procedure has been performed on tens of thousands of patients of all ages and is used by foot and ankle surgeons globally.

Cause for Concern…

These may be signs of a serious, yet easily treatable condition. While some of these symptoms may appear to go away on their own, the underlying cause still exists. Over time, the symptoms resurface, manifesting as different, more severe, medical conditions.

The basis of these progressive problems cannot be outgrown or effectively treated with exercise or physical therapy. They are part of an anatomical, internal problem and are best treated by an internal solution.

Rediscover your life with HyProCure®!

The HyProCure® procedure can dramatically reduce, and even eliminate, your symptoms while improving your quality of life.

Following the procedure:

  • You should be able to gently step on your foot.
  • Swelling and bruising is common for the first several days.
  • There is a temporary period of abnormal walking until your foot adapts to its corrected position.
  • After the first year, your body has typically fully adapted.

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